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Boity thulo and Maps Maponyane engagement: See Boity’s Reaction To Black Twitter Saying She Got Engaged To Maps



A hashtag on top of South Africa twitter trends got juicy this morning 12 August 2020 and you know what, it was all about rapper Boity and businessman Maps Maponyane.

The rumor has it that the two have always been suspected to be more than just lovers, instead of commenting on the rumors they keep fueling it.


Earlier on Boity shared the results of her exercising journey through time watch. Expressing her pride to the outcome Maps retweeted her with a suggestion that they jog together. The money they put for each performance will be donated for a good course.


In Mar 25, 2020 Boity Thulo, cleared the air on her relationship with fellow media personality, Maps Maponyane.

Even though viewers of “Boity: Own Your Throne” saw the pair getting very cosy with each other, by giving each other long hugs, touching and even exchanging a kiss, Boity says they are just friends.

In the latest episode of the show, the rapper paid Maps a visit at his restaurant and she said she was just grateful to be able to support her “friend”.

However when the topic of love came up, Boity made it clear that there are “no vibes” between them.

“There is no vibes between me and Maps, we are homies. Geez!” she said, shifting uncomfortably in her confessional.

She did say that the pair was close though. “We are not cosy. We are friends. We are comfortable …”

While sitting in Maps’ restaurant, Boity even joked that she wanted to be by his side as his best woman when he gets married. Maps responded by saying she would be right next to him, suggesting she may be the bride.

“He is single, I am assuming. I am single. Why don’t we just get married. We would look cute together. Our kids would be really pretty. We would be a power couple. No, I am joking,” Boity said.

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