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Meet Vusi Buthelezi New Sugar Mama Thenjiwe Mpanza



Thenjiwe Mpanza Profile

Real Name: Thenjiwe Mpanza
Age: ———
Place Of Birth: South Africa
Profession: Lawyer
Boyfriend: Vusi Buthelezi


Who Is Thenjiwe Mpanza

Miss Thenjiwe Mpanza is a lawyer with 10 years experience, so it is possible Zodwa won’t win. This might have been a well planned heist and Legally Mavusana is covered.

She is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa with her full 10 year qulification and experience how is it possible Zodwa will actually win this game.

Who Owns T.Mpanza Attorney

T. Mpanza Attorneys is a legal firm that provides a wide range of legal services to its individual and corporate clients by ensuring that all clients needs and matters are dealt with efficiently and with the utmost level of professionalism by providing quality legal counsel that is realistically priced.

The law firm is committed to providing their clients with proactive advice, proactive solutions, and ensure that our clients are updated about their legal matters as we understand the frustration that comes with having legal disputes.

Thenjiwe Mpanza is the Managing Director at T.Mpanza Attorneys.

She studied Practical Legal Training at University of KwaZulu-Natal and the moment currently residing in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

As it seemed ironical in a new development that men across South Africa are applauding Vusi Buthelezi after the Ben 10 allegedly dribbled his ex-lover, controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu and went for his new Sugar Mama Thenjiwe Mpanza.

It seems obvious Zodwa will loose it.

NB: This Is Why Zodwa Wabantu Has Demanded Vusi Buthelezi Dead Or Alive

In a viral Twitter video, Zodwa Wabantu claimed that she has opened a case of fraud against her Ben 10 Vusi Buthelezi.

In a short video clip posted on her Instagram page, Zodwa Wabantu claims Vusi used her name fraudulently to acquire an endorsement car from Audi and that the police are on his tail.

But the cougar has been criticized as a bitter ex by the public because she posted the video a few hours after Vusi posted pictures of him and his new beautiful bae, with the caption, “Happy Women’s Day Queen”, enjoying a meal at an undisclosed restaurant.

From all indication, the actually feud started the moment Vusi made a video surprising his mother on women’ s day which Angered Zodwa Wabantu.

What has angered Zodwa is the fact that Vusi took his new attorney girlfriend, Thenjiwe Mpanza, to see his mother.

Zodwa said she wants back an unnamed item that Vusi took.


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