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Nigerian Legendary Musician Ebenezer Obey Reportedly Dies In UK Hospital



Nigeria foremost song composer and legendary musician Ebenezer Obey has been reported dead.

The sad news of his death was announced today 11 August 2020 through an official Twitter page of a Nigeria social media analyst and journalist Kemi Olunloyo who said: “We have lost legendary singer Ebenezer Obey O! So many false alarms before but now I’m hearing from a close family friend he passed away today in the UK. A true music legend I grew up listening to Multiple musical notesGuitarTrumpet God bless his soul.”


Although Mr Ebenezer Obey yesterday debunked the rumored fake news of his  death which has been confirmed today  by the social media journalist Kemi Olunloyo  to be true, Kemi was said Ebenezer  Obey died on 10 August 2020 around 3.04pm in UK hospital.

Rumored Death Of Ebenezer Obey

The Juju legend, Ebenezer Obey yesterday debunked the news of his rumoured death which has somewhat wrongfully gone viral.

Speaking with Vanguard through his PA, Mr Odunbaku, the Miliki maestro said he’s alive and feeling fine.

“People have been calling me to confirm if I am dead or alive but I want to assure you I’m alive. The news is false” he was quoted by the PA, Mr Odunbaku

Another of the entertainer’s sons Tolu who himself is a singer further revealed that his father had traveled from Abeokuta shortly before the rumour started.

Tolu said:

“Nothing is wrong with my father. He is hale and hearty. He left Abeokuta for Lagos on Friday (July 3, 2020). Rumours about his death are wicked and unfounded. My father is enjoying himself in Christ. Those spreading the said news are probably looking for ways to attract people to their websites. We have nothing against them than to pray for them. But as for my father, he is doing well. He is not even sick.”

Also speaking out about the news of his rumoured death, the Juju legend through his personal assistant Odubaku said he is hale and hearty.

“People have been calling me to confirm if I am dead or alive but I want to assure you I’m alive. The news is false” he was quoted by Odunbaku.

In another confirmation to TribuneOnline, the “Miliki” hitmaker is quoted as saying:

“I dey kampe and there is nothing wrong with me. I am surprised with the rumour too and I don’t know where it came from. I have been receiving several calls and I want to tell people not to express worry about the rumour because I am fine and active. The public and my fans at large should disregard the news.”
This is not the first time the news of the death of the juju maestro has been falsely peddled.

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