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About 30 Member Staff of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Tested Positive for Covid-19


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has reported that about 30 members of their staff have tested positive for Covid-19.

According to ZBC’s report through their official Twitter revealed that all their 30 member staff are currently isolating at home.

“The Corporation continues to follow Govt & WHO guidelines with periodic testing, premises disinfection & PPE provision” They said on Twitter.


Recently this month, the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) fired almost 300 employees, including managers and journalists, state-run media report.

Unions say there have been 20,000 job losses in the country since a Supreme Court ruling on 17 July which made it easier for companies to sack employees.

The ruling allows employers to fire any worker without any benefits as long as they are given three months’ notice.

The Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions has described the ruling as “madness”.

ZBC will close a TV channel, according to the Zimbabwean news site the Daily News.

In addition, the offices of the state radio station Voice of Zimbabwe have also closed, reports Voice of America.

Last week the Daily News reported that state-owned newspapers had fired hundreds of workers.

This, it added, was despite the state-owned media “leading a crusade against scores of other companies, including media organizations”, that have laid off staff.

Local media reported that over the weekend heavily armed police blocked the country’s main workers’ union from protesting against the recent wave of job losses.

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