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South Africa’s recovery rate on covid-19 stands at 73%, they are indeed resilient



South Africa sees a remarkable decrease in rate of covid-19 infection, on Monday 10 August  the country saw a ‘s recovery rate on covid-19 at 73%.

According to the latest information coming from the office of the minister of health reveals that As of today, the total number of confirmed COVID19 cases is 559 858, the total number of deaths is 10 408 and the total number of recoveries is 411 147. which has revealed that the country’s covid-19 recovery rate stands at 73% a remarkable achievement towards the fight against the disease.


There has been a total number of 3, 250, 583 tests conducted since last report.And there has been an over 198 new deaths: 80 from Eastern Cape, 32 from Gauteng, 63 from Kwa Zulu and the remaining 23 from Western Cape and this brings the cumulative total of reported covid-19 related deaths to 10,408.

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