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Ndikhokhele hit maker Jub Jub Caught Cheating From His Wife – Things You Need To Know


#JubJubWasCaughtCheating: Popular seasoned South African Hip-hop star and former jailbird and Uyajola host Molemo has been accused of allegedly cheating from his wife.

According to sources close to him revealed that they are at shock at his rate of exposing others cheaters where as he also involves himself on such a shady affairs.

“He’s always chilling around Alexandra bringing a lot of girls that he can’t even service their bills. He’s busy playing God telling people to stop cheating while he’s busy around doing the same” claimed a source close to the rapper

Another fuming source who requested anonymity said that the Ndikhokhele hitmaker is not innocent when it comes to allegedly doubling on women.

“His day will come because there’s nothing you can hide forvere. That show must put his focus on him because he’s a culprit himself”


Brief Biography of Jub Jub

The South African hip hop artist, was once convicted of culpable homicide for the death of four children in December 2012.

Jub Jub was born and bred in Soweto, Orlando East as a part of a family of 5. He is well known for Ndikhokhele bawo a Xhosa gospel song that is translated to Guide me, father.

He is the son of Jackie Maarohanye. Jub Jub currently hosts the reality show, Uyajola 9/9.

Following his release from prison in January 2017, Jub Jub vowed to turn his life around. Shortly after his release, the musician released a song called “Ke Kopa Tshwarelo” (Please forgive me). As of 2019, he has made several TV appearances and is currently the host of the Moja Love reality show, Uyajola 9/9

Who Is Jub Jub Married To?

“I am a married man so I don’t know what girlfriend they (media) are talking about. Yes, I’m married. One thing I learnt is not to talk about my private life in media but it’s been pretty long (since he got married),” Jub Jub said.

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