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Elias Valdez Death – Few Things You Need To Know


Elias Valdez Death

Real Name: Elias Valdez
Age: 15 years of age
Place Of Death: US
Date Of Death: 6th August 2020
Cause Of Death: Stabbed To Death

Elias was found in Glenview with stab wound to chest later dies.

The 15 year-old Elias Valdez died unexpectedly as doctors tried to save his life. He was only 15 and left behind his grieving parents and sisters.

Elias had barely finished his freshman year of high school and had plans of becoming a barber in the future. All his friends knew him to be genuine and down to earth, so his death is very saddening. Donations will be used by the family to cover Elias’ funeral expenses. Elias’s body is in the hospital morgue and needs to be delivered to the funeral house in the next two or three days.

According to Becky Guadagno, Elias’s body is in the hospital morgue and needs to be delivered to the funeral home in the next two or three days.

A Gofundme Account Has Been Opened Foe His Funeral —- Gofundme Link

What Happened To  Elias Valdez 

According to reports gathered from abc7chicgo, revealed that the 15-year-old boy, Elias Valdez of unincorporated Glenview was found lying in the area with a stab wound. He was transported to Lutheran General Hospital, where he died in surgery, police said.

The Glenview Police Department, with the assistance of the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force, is investigating the incident.

This is Glenview’s first murder since 2004, according to police.

The unusual sight of flashing police lights reflecting off her walls Wednesday night alerted Dina Manzella something wasn’t right.

“I asked one of the police ‘what’s going on?’ He says, ‘somebody got stabbed.’ I said ‘here? Or some place else?'” Manzella said.

Glenview police told her they believe the stabbing might have happened somewhere else, but the victim collapsed near her home, which is along a busy stretch of Greenwood Road.

“I wonder who saw the young boy there. Somebody must’ve seen him to call police,” Manzella said.

Police did not immediately provide information about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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