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Strange!! Couple After Dating 1 Year Discovers They Were True Relatives



A couple in Ghana has finally realized why their union will no longer continue after finding out that they where true cousins a year later.

The young lady, who has quite a following online, has revealed she and her now-cousin, had unsuspectingly been dating as lovers all this while before the discovery.

While speaking, the lady said she dated her cousin without knowing for a year until when they both recently found out they are more than a look-alike. Prior to the discovery, dipuosungula and her former boyfriend, now her cousin, were suspected to be related because of their striking similar looks. Her followers were the first to notice and many pointed it out to her as they commented on videos and frames showing the pair in romantic scenes.


Announcing their unsurprising discovery along with a video showing their past romantic love life, she wrote: ”Never mind, we just found out we are cousins. To all the “ you guys look alike” comments, you were right.” Her followers have reacted with many expressing their love and support for them.

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