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Master KG’s Jerusalema Video Has Been Taken Down On YouTube After Hitting 65M Views



Jerusalema by Master KG has been removed on YouTube after  hitting 65 million views over copyright claims by Warner Music Group.

This is coming few days ago after Master KG signed an exclusive deal with Warner Music Groups (WMG) Elektra France for his latest album “Jerusalema”.

The deal sees Elektra France hold the rights for the album, excluding Sub Saharan Africa where the rights will be looked after by Warner Group’s ADA.

So with the deal initiated, The Warner Music Group (WMG) has copyright claimed the video and clocked anybody from seeing it. Normally when a person or company copyright claims a YouTube video, the ad revenue that originally was going to the content creator automatically goes to the claimant instead.

Master KG has also reacted to the video take down, stating that it was a technical issue.

In a series of tweets he wrote “Sorry Guys There Is Some Technical Issues Regarding Jerusalema Video On YouTube..It Will Be Back Asap”

WMG and YouTube have a deal together? if video comes back to Youtube again the revenue generated from it will not go to Master KG but it will go to WMG Company.

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