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Zimbabweans replies Lasizwe “We Don’t Stand With Gays” After He Indicated Support On Twitter



Zimbabweans comes after  Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza populsrly known as Lasizwe for saying he stands with them on their struggle for justice.


The social media personality and comedian was bashed on the social media after he posted a tweet revealing his support for the Zimbabweans who have staged an online protest against their president.

Lasizwe though he was trying to make peace until he got the last scornful reply on Twitter, the angered Zimbs replied heim with a hash words, calling Lisizwe a gay and saying that unfortunatly they don’t stand with gay.

“Zimbabweans are unnecessary sometimes, homophobic and xenophobic hurts the same in South Africa.” said one Tweep


South Africans has already started criticizing Zimbabweans on Twitter for making such Zenophobic comment against the comedian, with many saying that they should apologize to Lasizwe or they won’t support their struggle. “We can’t unite with people who are homophobic then they call us xenophobic” he said

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