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Bobby Motaung Suspended Following A Video That Went Viral Showing Bobby Intoxicated



The Kaizer Chiefs football club have suspended its manager Bobby Motaung for violating lockdown regulations after the revelation of videos that surfaced online.

This was made known to the public in an official statement they released today. According to a statement posted on Kazier Chief’s  social media handle, the decision was as a result of a number of videos circulating on social media wherein the Football Manager is seen taking part in festivities during what looks like the lockdown period. The Club has been involved in the internal processes of investigating his conduct, which led to the decision to suspend him.

Excerpts from the statement “As part of our policies and continuous process of monitoring the public conduct of our members, players, and staff, Kaizer Chiefs has decided to summarily suspend Football Manager Bobby Motaung.”

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, our processes have been intensified and stringent measures have been put in place to ensure the club and its members play a role in the curbing of the spread of the virus and flattening the curve.

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