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#zimbabwean lives matter is trending on Twitter, See Why..



There has been an online protest especially on Twitter with the viral hashtag #zimbabweanlivesmatter but some folks are still not sure why the hashtag took the center stage today on the social media community.

According to many sources the illegal movements of people from Zimbabwean to the other parts of South African province has created the protests.

Many concerned citizens of South Africa, are worried about what is happening in Zimbabwe. They said that the mass movement of Zimbabweans into South Africa exposes the country to so many risks and exposes the Zimbabweans to human trafficking, sexual abuse and other crimes.

In a petition created by Zenso Dube on states that Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in Africa, endowed with vast reserves of gold, diamonds, platinum, chrome, coal, iron etc. Zimbabwe is home to one of the Wonders of the World – the Victoria Falls and countless other tourist attractions. Until recently, Zimbabwe had one of the most literate people on the continent. Why is then that millions of Zimbabweans have crossed the Limpompo to eke out a living in South Africa?

While millions of Zimbabweans wallow in poverty, a few elites have made South Africa their safe haven to hide their ill-gotten wealth. As concerned South Africans we cannot just close our eyes and watch corrupt Zimbabwean politicians hiding their loot in South Africa. Isn’t it unfair that Zimbabweans are starving yet current and former government officials have purchased multi-million rand properties on our soil? Isn’t it unfair that South Africa continues to host Zimbabwean politicians who fly in using private jets yet the country cannot even afford paying doctors in public hospitals!

South African media has been reporting about corruption scandals running into millions of $US that have prejudiced poor Zimbabweans of decent lives but nothing has happened to the perpetrators. For how long shall the South African government protect heartless Zimbabwean politicians who own multiple farms and have unlimited access to foreign currency through the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank yet the millions of Zimbabweans spend hours in ques to withdraw worthless bond notes from the banks!

Returning Zimbabwean citizens are forced to stay in quarantine centres without running water or proper sanitation facilities, yet people close to Mnangagwa have looted Covid19 funds and other donations! Are we just going to sit and watch as another human-made humanitarian disaster engulfs Zimbabwe?

Innocent civilians have been shot by the security forces in Harare. Women have been sexually abused. Many have been abducted and tortured by security forces but no single word of condemnation has ever come from Pretoria! As concerned South Africans we have to take a stand and pressure President Ramaphosa to listen to the crying voices of Zimbabweans. For South Africans true solidarity means supporting the people of Zimbabwe in their struggle against an evil and oppressive regime that is equally as brutal as the Apartheid regime.

As concerned South African citizens we ask President Ramaphosa and the South African Government to ban the following Zimbabwean politicians from entering South Africa for their roles in promoting and sustaining corruption and human rights abuses in Zimbabwe:

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (President); Auxilia Mnangagwa (First Lady) Collins Mnangagwa (Son); Sean Mnangagwa (Son); Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga (Vice President); Kembo Mohadi (Vice President); Oppah Muchinguri (Defence Minister); Owen Mudha Ncube (State Security Minister) Mthuli Ncube (Finance Minister); Perence Shiri (Agriculture Minister); Sibusiso Moyo (Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade); John Panonetsa Mangudya (Reserve Bank Governor); Valerio Sibanda (Army Commander); Godwin Matanga (Police Commissioner); Nick Mangwana; George Charamba; Energy Mutodi; Obert Mpofu; Patrick Chinamasa; Luke Malaba (Chief Justice); Priscilla Chigumba; Kudakwashe Tagwirei


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