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Tattoo legend Ricky Sta. Ana Has Passed Away



A sad year for the Philippine tattoo Industry. They lost two great Icons. Rest Easy, Tatay Nero Nievo and Maestro Ricky Sta Ana. Con Safos.

Veteran tattoo artist one of the most popular and versatile tattoo artists in the Philippines, Ricky Sta. Ana has passed away. Ricky Sta. Ana was reported to have died today 1st August 2020. His cause of death or what killed him has not been made known to the public.

Few days Team Skinworkz had requested fans to put Ricky Sta Ana in prayers but did not reveal what really is going on.

As posted on their page

While we remain prayerful, the family of Ricky Sta Ana is facing extraordinary circumstances and we humbly seek your support and understanding.  On behalf of #SkinworkzTattoo, we want to thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity as we work through these difficult times.

Ricky Sta. Ana was the co-founder of Dutdutan, he helped revamped the image of local tattoos after coming out of rehab.

Before he became one of the most respected tattoo artists in the Philippines, Ricky Sta. Ana was a 20-year-old fresh out of rehab.

“The year was 1990,” he said and at that time, he was recovering from a drug problem that culminated near the end of his teen years. To reduce his chances of lapsing, he needed a distraction, “something to focus my eyes on,” he shared. And, ironically, he found this in tattooing—the art form once widely associated with rebellion, violence and drug use.

Before the 90s, people who wanted to get tattoos mostly went to Olongapo. “That’s where the Americans were,” he shared. “They brought and popularized modern tattooing here. To them, it was normal.” To some Filipinos, however, tattoos had a less than stellar reputation. Misconceptions about them were rampant but this changed when Sta. Ana and his contemporaries entered the picture.

Since the man became a tattoo artist, Sta. Ana has become something of a champion for his industry.

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