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Is Tim Allen Really Dead Or Alive, What Happened To The



Is Tim Allen dead, no actually knows if the rumor is real or fake.

Many caught the shock on the social media immediately Tim Allen started showing up on the trend-sphere especially on Twitter.

With so many folks tagging RIP Tim to their twitter posts.

RIP Tim Allen Now who will talk endlessly about Pure Michigan! while simultaneously voting for the cretins who dump wholesale waste into the Great Lakes?


Tim Allen is trending this morning so you know what that means…. gonna have to retweet the fan fiction. Also I’m 90% sure my brother served him at a restaurant up north in Michigan & he was a huge fucking piece of shit

GDAEman said: Tim Allen is trending. From the looks of it people are taking a break from trashing Trump (well deserved BTW) and directing it at Allen.

Trump’s reaction is to whine about Tim Allen getting more attention.

The popular comic actor seemed to have been arrested on drug charges…

“The people bitching about Tim Allen for having been arrested on drug charges are the same people who want to abolish prison and/or have all drug offenders released from prison.” James Fenton said on Twitter


It very much obvious that these whole gibberish is all but  social media stunt to tease people on the online community, Tim trending might also have something to do with his show being renewed and then it snowballed into this ‘Is he dead’ conversation.

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