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Dead Or Alive? NBL Player, Lonzo Ball Rumored Dead


For those of you asking about Lenzo Ball’s death how did you get that?, it is obvious that the young NBL dude is still much alive and not dead.

There’s this rumor that Lenzo Ball has died, but not until much confirmation has been made public.

Some crapy folks wont just get hold off their fake news and rumor like this shit posted on the Channel24news.com claiming that NBC player has died two days ago after been shot dead, it looks obvious like a prank website.

“Former Los Angeles Laker Rookie Point Guard Lonzo Ball was recently found dead 1 day ago Lonzo was just seen with a 12 year old Las Vegas CM Bulls player at a shoe store in Las Vegas,Nevada”

Lenzo Ball Reveals The Day He Almost Died With His Brothers

In an interview with Bleacher Report, LaMelo Ball told a story about an instance that occurred during his childhood that almost cost him his life. During an afternoon in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, Ball remembers shooting on a side goal away from everybody else watching his brothers, Lonzo and LiAngelo.

All of a sudden, a fight broke out. He remembers a man saying “Alright alright, imma be back.” The man returned to the gym with a black hoodie carrying a gun and “shot the whole gym up.” He says the only thing he heard was “pop pop pop pop.” In a split second, he recalls his father scooping him up, along with his three brothers, and carrying them out of the gym.

LaVar Ball may get a ton of heat in the media, but when it comes to being a father, there is nothing you can say.

Lonzo Ball plans on Zion Williamson returning to practice: ‘He puts us at full strength


After roughly a week-long absence from the bubble and the Pelicans, Zion Williamson alongside Lenzo Ball made their returned to the bubble last Friday and was cleared for practice on Tuesday. Williamson joined the team for light work in practice on Tuesday before taking part in Wednesday’s practice and will be a game-time decision for Thursday’s opener.

“I think me and my team are looking for what’s best for me and my future,” Williamson said after practice on Wednesday. “But if you know me, I want to hoop. That’s just how I am. It’s never going to change. I’m going to want to hoop, as simple as that.”

Williamson has been vital to the Pelicans revival and postseason push since late January. Since his debut, the team ranks seventh in net rating, eighth in defensive rating and 11th in offensive rating, according to NBA Stats.

“We’re happy to have him back,” Lonzo Ball said after Tuesday’s practice. “Obviously, he puts our team at full strength. We’re a lot better with him than we are without him, we know that, so having him back to start the games back up is great for us.”

More Updates To Follow Soon!!!

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