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Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Disqualified From Running Hong Kong Elections For Seat On LegCo



Hong Kong democracy Activist Joshua Wong has been disqualified from running in HK Elections for seat on LegCo as Hong Kong Gov mass disqualifies over a dozen Pro-Democracy candidates today.

The news was made known today 30, July 2020 few days after he sought for the legislative seat.

Campaigner Joshua Wong was one of the top candidates from the unofficial primaries held by the pro-democracy parties. However, he fears he may be disqualified from running under Beijing’s new controversial security law.


Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong announced on Monday that he would run for a seat in the upcoming Legislative Council elections in Hong Kong, where a new national security law that restricts civil liberties could prevent opposition candidates from taking seats.

Wong made the announcement on Twitter, where he said he had received over 30,000 votes in recent primary elections.

“Our votes are our voice under China’s crackdown,” he wrote.

Wong was one of the top candidates to emerge from unofficial primaries held by the pro-democracy camp. It aims to win a majority of seats in the 70-seat legislature in the September election.

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