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TCS World Travel mourns the death of their colleague, Jany Bacallao



Jany Bacallao Death – Dead – TCS World Travel mourns the death of their colleague, Jany Bacallao

The TCS World Travel are mourning the death of their colleague, Jany Bacallao who tragically died few days ago. Jany Bacallao was reported to have passed away in a hiking accident over the weekend.

His death was disclosed to the public by TCS World Travel via their official social media handle.

As shared by TCS World Travel

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we share that our beloved friend and colleague Jany Bacallao passed away in a hiking accident over the weekend.

As anybody who met Jany knows, he was a vibrant, loving, beautiful person who could light up a room with his smile. Jany always had the time to talk to every person he came across and made each one feel special. He was truly a beautiful soul who leaves this world far too soon. Please feel free to leave thoughts and memories or upload a photo in the comments below. you can also check this page for updates as we receive them on where to send condolences and ways to support his family during this difficult time.

The Washington Ensemble Theatre has also reacted to the sad demise of Jany Bacallo, penning down their tribute they wrote “It is with a heavy heart that we remember and celebrate the life of Jany Bacallao. His warmth, insight and easy smile were a delight to anyone who worked with him and will not be forgotten. Our heart goes out to his family and friends. Jany, you will be missed.”

Tributes Floods Facebook

Jenna Starkey wrote “Absolutely heartbroken to hear about your passing Jany Bacallao. I will never forget the laughs and tears we’ve shared. No one will ever rock a wig as great as you did… your commentary alone was pure gold, just like your soul. I will forever carry the sound of your laughter in my heart, and I’m so sad we never got to hike together like we planned.
Please, remember to be careful while hiking friends.”

Casey Noble wrote “Jany Bacallao Your light shined bright every time you cracked that million-dollar smile. You were kind and thoughtful with every person you met and they, in turn, were better having met you. We were all blessed to have known you and to have experienced the joy you exuded in your short time here. Rest in Peace, love.”

Ricardo Xavier Lopez wrote “Hello everyone, I want to communicate that a gofundme page is being organized for Jany Bacallao right now that we are working very closely with his family on. PLEASE do not create any kind of donation page or gofundme me without me or any of his family members consent or involvement. We are doing this as fast as we can and are being extremely tactful with our verbiage due to the sensitivity of the matter and things that don’t need to be discussed at this time. We thank you for your support and your love and willingness to help. Know that I am reading each of your beautiful messages and seeing all your incredible posts. I love you guys with all my heart. I promise I will respond to each and everyone of you in due time. There is to much to process at this time and it’s extremely overwhelming. Love you and stay safe”

The Theatre22 wrote “It is with profound pain and grief that we share the news of the loss of our dear friend Jany Bacallao, who passed this weekend. We have no other details other than the knowledge that Jany’s passage occurred during a hiking accident on Friday. Our hearts are completely broken as we process this tragedy. Jany was such a beautiful soul who was filled with so much love and joy for the world and the people in it. We will miss you so much, Jany! Thank you for the light you shined in our lives and on this world!”

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