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Actor Raavi Kondala Rao Death – Talungu Movie Actor actor Raavi Kondala Rao cause of death



Bollywood actor Actor Raavi Kondala Rao has died

the news of his death was made public on Tuesday through the social media


According reports, the late actor was rushed to a hospital in Begumpet, Hyderabad where he succumbed to his injuries.

Ravi Kondalarao, an acclaimed writer, has played memorable roles in many films. He has acted in almost 600 films. He has also acted in films like King, Groom and Oy in today’s generation from the super hit Dussehra Bullodu and Honey Minds movies. He has previously worked as an executive producer on films like Vrindavan, Bhairavadveepam and Krishnarjuna Yuddham. Ravi Kondalarao Ardhangi Radha Kumari is also known as a Telugu actress. She died less than eight years ago.

Raavi Kondala Rao was born on 11 February 1932, he was a film actor, playwright, theatre artist, journalist, editor, producer, director and writer who appeared in Telugu films and has performed in over 600 films. Veteran actress Radha Kumari  was his wife.

Kondala Rao started his career as a journalist while he was studying Fourth Form in 1947. He was born in Icchapuram in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh and the youngest of seven brothers. His father, Raavi Chitambaram was a Post Master in the erstwhile Madras Presidency. His grandather, Raavi Kaamanna, was a royal priest and astrologer for the Vijayanagaram Gajapathi Raju clan.

He worked as an editor, writer and columnist for English and Telugu dailies and weeklies such as Eenadu, Vanitha, Jyothi, and Vijaya Chitra.

He also worked for publishing houses and magazines such as Dalton Publications, and Chandamama.

He was closely associated with Telugu Cinema stalwarts such as Bapu-Ramana, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Rallapalli among many others.

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