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Actor Charlie Balducci Has Passed Away


Charlie Balducci Death – Dead: Charlie Balducci, aka Charlie B, who got his spot on the national stage when he appeared in MTV’s True Life: I’m Getting Married has passed away. Charlie was reported to have died today July 27 2020 from an undisclosed illness.

Charlie is an Actor and owns a non-profit arts organization in Staten Island that offers programs to aspiring artists.

He secured his place in reality TV stardom when he went off on his limo drive when he thought the camera and microphone were off.

NYC Arts Cypher

Charlie Balducci in 2006 founded the NYC Arts Cypher, a non-profit community center that acts as a hub for aspiring artists in various mediums. According to the centers website, the center has taken up social problems such as bullying and drug abuse to help shed light on and stamp out these issues.

How Charlie Balduci Positively Impacted Staten Island By Joseph S Pidoriano

Let me tell you how Charlie Balducci positively impacted Staten Island. Before Charlie Balducci, there was no place for aspiring artists to bring themselves out in the public and make it big unless they had known a talent agent from New York City. Charlie gave aspiring artists a place to succeed and accomplish their goals. He impacted the young people by allowing them to have a place to freely express themselves and promote positive values through the arts and entertainment programs, projects and events. He especially impacted at-risk youth who had difficulty working in an educational setting and improved their quality of life.

On a personal note, I have witnessed the amazing work of Charlie Balducci and whenever I visited NYC Arts Cypher, I had always seen a new initiative going on that he would put his mind to and he would get it done. I worked with Charlie Balducci in helping him enhance his carbon footprint online and I must tell you that I saw the clear creative genius inside of him when I was working with him. I was proud to have worked with him. I also know that Charlie was someone who was one of the major motivators in my life and it impacted me directly. I respect him in so many ways and his talents, his accomplishments, and his legacy shall live on forever. I hope that NYC Arts Cypher and his incredible work can live on forever.

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