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Philippine drug lords, Jaybee Sabastain dies while in prison



Jaybee Sebastian Philippine drug lords dies of covid-19 while in prison.

Reports from CNN Philippines revealed that the 40-year-old Jaybee Sebastian, died on Saturday of “acute myocardial infarction” and his body was immediately cremated.

The news network also said that his heart condition was linked to Covid-19. Several publications ran a photo of a clear box containing a plastic bag of Sebastian’s ashes.

“There are compelling reasons” to investigate, Senator Vicente Sotto III told the South China Morning Post on Monday. “For one, why no autopsies? Were the relatives informed? What do the death certificates say? Many other unanswered questions.”
Sotto’s motion to investigate quoted a “ranking police official” as saying “[the Bureau of Corrections] could just have replaced the body [with that of another inmate]. How would we know? There were no fingerprints”.

Countrymen are saying that there is a Kinda suspicious that State witness vs Sen. De Lima, Jaybee Sebastian, suddenly dies of COVID-19 in the same time when his testimonies to the court are being exposed to have numerous holes in them.

Sebastian is the inmate whom Solicitor General Jose Calida visited inside Bilibid prior to the filing of charges, according to Sebastian’s own affidavit.

Sebastian was charged alongside De Lima in the drug cases, and he had already pleaded guilty before his death.

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