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KwaZulu-Natal Politician, Mbali Ntuli recovers from covid-19



South African politician and a member of the Democratic Alliance Mbali Ntuli has finally recovers  from covid-19.

On July 14 2020, announced she has tested positive for Covid-19.

She told Latestnewssouthafrica that she realized something was wrong last week when she started feeling sick.

“I never get sick but I woke up last week and couldn’t move off my bed, my chest felt like it had an elephant on top of it, and when my daughter came to hug me I couldn’t pick her up,” Ntuli said.

The former Provincial Campaigns Director said on Wednesday through her official twitter handle that she has  just started recovering from COVID 19.


Mbali disclosed it was the most sick period she has been in her entire life, also that her recovery could be traced to the fact that she is lucky that she is still young and have access to great medical care.

She revealed that a Councillor in her constituency was hospitalized because of Covid, the nature of working in a constituency like Umlazi means dealing directly with constituents.

According her there is no ability to work in a constituency like ours via telephone or email.We must reject the online congress.

Mbali said holding AGMs meetings in August during the peak of Covid will put their members & staff who will have to oversee these AGMs at a risk of contracting Covid. when they will be asked to get into taxis,sit in a hall,hold an AGM all so we can just elect a leader in October. It is irresponsible.

She is the former Provincial Campaigns Director for the party in KZN. She currently serves as a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature and serves as the DA KZN Spokesperson on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.


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