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“Kim Kardashian cheated on me with Meek Mill, Drake & Larsa Pippen are involved in some….” – Kanye allegedly makes shocking revelations



In a string of now deleted tweets, Kanye West says Kim Kardashian cheated on him with Meek Mill.

The popular American rapper revealed that he has been trying to get a divorce from her for a year.

He went further to reveal that Kriss and Kim put out a statement without his approval.. that’s not what a wife should do. Kanye talked about his divorce intentions with his wife Kim saying he had been trying to get the legal doc since his wife met with Meek at the Waridolf for “prison reform”

Right after posting this, West deleted this tweet but fans have been wondering if the rapper implied that Kardashian was unfaithful to him. Twitter was quick to point out how Kim and Meek’s relationship was in the news in April. In an article written by Aceshowbiz, there were claims that Kardashian was cheating on West with Mill and several other men.

In another tweet by the rapper, that has now been deleted, he wrote, “I been trying to get a divorce since Kim met with Meek at the Waldroff for ‘prison reform’ I got 200 more to go. This my lady tweet of the night Kris Jon Un, Lil Baby my favorite rapper but won’t do a song with me.” Ever since West posted these tweets, fans have been wondering if Kardashian did cheat on her husband. “Kim Kardashian cheating on Ye? With MEEK MILL? After he made Bound 2 and Wouldn’t Leave? The future was right. Evil ass world,” one user wrote.


Kanye also said something about someone killing Michael Jackson, and alleges Drake and Larsa Pippen are involved in some shirty  type of nefarious activity.

The rapper has since failed to submit any of the 10,000 petition signatures needed to get on South Carolina’s 2020 presidential ballot by Monday’s noon deadline despite hosting a rally in the state the previous day.

According to The failure of West’s last-minute petition drive means he will almost certainly not be able to mount a quixotic third-party campaign in the Palmetto State after recently getting on the ballot in Oklahoma, where a $35,000 filing fee is the only requirement.

By the time the deadline passed at noon, neither West nor any representative from his makeshift campaign had arrived to deliver the petition to the S.C. Election Commission, according to commission spokesman Chris Whitmire. No late registration will be allowed.

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