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City Of Johannesburg Mourns The Passing Of Ntate Andrew Mlangeni



The City of Johannesburg are mourning the death of Ntate Andrew Mlangeni who died today at the age 95. In an official statement released today on the demise of Andrew, The City Of Johannesburg described him as a kind person who played much role in the liberation of South Africa.

The Statement Reads Below..

On behalf of the City of Johannesburg, I would like to express my deep condolences on the passing of last remaining Rivonia Trialist and Stalwart, Ntate’ Andrew Mlangeni at the age of 95 .

Ntate Andrew Mlangeni was bestowed with the Freeman of the City award, the  City of Joburg highest civilian honour in 2016 by the former Executive Mayor  Tau Parks. This on its own, demonstrates the kind of person he was, and the role he played in the liberation of our country.

His passing comes 6 weeks after we had celebrated his 95th birthday. The passing away of Andrew Mlangeni, comes 3 months after the death of another Rivonia treason Trialist Denis Goldberg. Leaders & revolutionaries arrested at Liliesleaf Farm have now regrouped in the hereafter.

I personally had the honour to celebrate his 95th birthday with him just a month ago during a birthday drive-through organized by the City of Johannesburg. On that day, Ntate’Mlangeni was jolly and reminisced on the past.

His contribution to the struggle for freedom in our country is immeasurable, it was a harder struggle of selflessness, dedication & commitment to ensure that we enjoy the liberties we have today. He belonged to a special generation that was fearless in pursuit of freedom.

Ntate Andrew Mlangeni’s passing marks the end of a Golden Chapter of our struggle. He was part of the generation that not only coined the slogan “Freedom in Our Lifetime” and spent their lives fighting to ensure that the dream of freedom in their lifetime was attained.

We dont only mourn his passing but also take his life & the example of how to live a life in the service of the people without undue expectation. If 95 years of struggle, resilience and humility was a person, it would be Ntate #AndrewMlangeni.

Ntate Mlangeni was the epitome of selfless leadership, from his wisdom, we managed to navigate through the most difficult times as a country. Robala ka Kgotso Seaparankwe.

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