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Who is Mpho that hanged himself after his girlfriend refused to answer his call for cheating on her (Picture)



So strange!! Girl reveals that her boyfriend with the name Mpho hanged himself after she caught him cheating.

The viral massage he sent to the girl was uploaded on the social media where the boy threatens to hang himself she refused to answer him.

Not too long the girl said “After i caught him cheating he would do this to me”

The viral massage which said:

Tell u what I’m killing my self as in now please answer your phone i just want to talk to you for the last time if you don’t answer they will see this sms i loved you but it’s fine i’m dying tonight sharp.

The next minutes:

I’m hanging myself in that house it’s fine what else must i live for goodbye this sis my las words inthis world tell my kids i love them”

And that is it.the next thing the was asking him to call.

A twitter user who said she had encountered such similar situation where her boyfriend fake a stroke just to have her back after cheating on her.

“My ex used to pull such stunts, one day after I dumped him, he threatened to beat me up saying when he comes across me ngizomthola kahle. I went to his place, told him to do whatever because am done with him. Guy faked a stroke ”

Men will always be men for one to fake his own death after cheating on her girlfriend is crazy.



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