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Video: Tanzania police arrests Kenya journalist Samuel Okemwa at the Namanga border



Kenya journalist Samuel Okemwa has been arrested at the Namanga border on his way to Arusha by Tanzania police and immigration officials who are scared he expose the worsening CORONA situation in Tanzania, Covering anything Corona is illegal in Tanzania .”I don’t understand why Magufuli is fool.” concerned individual said.

While details of what triggered the arrest remained unclear, a viral video showed Okemwa demanding to know what he had done wrong.

Unwilling to answer him, the group of officers in plainclothes approached Okemwa and handcuffed him before taking him into custody.

One officer was also seen confiscating Okemwa’s phone on instruction from one of his colleagues while it was still recording the dramatic events.

Reports indicate that Okemwa was headed to Arusha to interview celebrated gospel singer Rose Muhando whose life has been the subject of numerous tabloid headlines.

Okemwa has a large following on Facebook where he interviews various guests including entertainers, bloggers and leaders on his show dubbed The Samuel Okemwa show.

His followers called for Kenyan authorities to intervene to secure Okemwa’s release, claiming he was innocent.

The arrest particularly raised eyebrows as it came at a time when the government has been under pressure to secure the release of veteran journalist Yassin Juma who was detained in Ethiopia while covering protests.

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