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PICTURES: 18-year-old Abilasha Muthoni receives a brand new car from Deputy President William Ruto


Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto has gifted a key of a brand new car to Abilasha Muthoni, an eight-year-old girl, and her mother, Mary Wambui.

It all started with the daughter’s incessant determination to present a poem to the DP without factoring in the hard work it would take to reach Ruto in person.

According to Kenyans.co.ke, In an attempt to fulfill her daughter’s dream, Wambui secured an uber from their home in Mombasa but it ran into mechanial problems and they could not make it to Nairobi.

“Determined, she made an attempt with her daughter to present the poem at St James Cathedral Church, Kiambu, which did not succeed.
“Determined and undettered, they made another shot, travelling eight hours from Mombasa. Mother and daughter arrived in Kandara, Muranga County,” stated Ruto.

In Murang’a, they faced another hurdle as she was not listed on the programme to make presentations to Ruto and they waited for six hours while negotiating with the organizers to allow little Muthoni to recite her piece.

Luckily, she got a chance to the podium and after making her presentation, Muthoni laid down her dreams to the DP who was flattered.

“Abilasha and her mother, Mary, did not allow circumstances to determine their future. They believed in themselves.

“Determined and resilient, today they got a car to be used as a taxi. Her own this time; not as a driver and Abilasha assured of education. That is the Kenyan spirit,” stated the DP.

After presenting them with the gift, the DP took them for a spin with Muthoni sitting in the front passenger seat.

In Pictures: Deputy President William Ruto presents the key of the car to Abilasha Muthoni on Monday, July 20

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