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Kanye West Upset That This Girl (Iesha) Is Wearing A Mask?



A video which is going viral on social media and has been viewed by over four million people shows the moment, US Presidential aspirant, Kanye West got really angry that a girl whose identity was revealed as Iesha was wearing a mask.

The incident happened yesterday at Kanye’s Presidential rally in North Charleston.

The lady Iesha has also release some context for that video. She captioned the video “Enjoy this thread of ignorant comments Kanye said today at the rally in North Charleston”.

Kanye West while speaking at the rally said he will create a “Plan A” which gives pregnant women $1mil (funded by the African continent and the Israeli government) to steer them away from getting abortions”.

On Planned Parenthood.. I don’t care if Kim divorces me…  Am going to speak my truth. I almost killed North. My parents almost killed me. We need to make sure we are having these babies”.. he said.

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