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Who Is Siya Entertainer?, Young woman Vuyiswa Madikizela accuses stripper Siya of impregnating her



Siya Entertainer Accused of rape

Another rape allegation has surfaced online, this time a young woman with Nonhalanhla Biyela has accused a social media playboy who goes with the name Siya Entertainer. she said Siya who according to her was a stripper who got her pregnant and eventually blocked them on his Facebook handle.

She also revealed that the Stripper, Siya also sexually abused her friend who is also pregnant too for him.


Read Her Story Below..

She said: You people won’t understand especially you men, all you guys want is pussy and ass pictures but never try to defend me when i need help. Siya slept with me then after dumped me as if am a hoe do you know how that feels? she asked

Am not a hoe he took advantage because he was stripping for myself and friends i fell for the trap all am asking is that the way he as ked all those ugly bitches on timeline to attack me am asking all men and female to attack his post where he screenshots us being in a relationship you can post shit about him please am helpless flood it with comments as well.




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