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#Shaka: Shaka’s friend accused of raping & drugging two girls who found themselves in Jacuzzi hours later (Pictures)



Instagram slay queens who were dancing naked are now saying Shaka’s friend drugged them.

The lady who said her name is Rfilwe Palesa Tau on Twitter said has claimed she was invited by one Sandile guy who is already trending on Twitter with the name Shaka to his house to chill but unfortunately enough for them ended up in a Jacuzzi, that was when she realized she had been unconscious.

“Please help me expose some idiot. There’s this Sandile guy, He invited us to his house to chill The last thing i remembered was in a Jacuzzi. I woke up with a very massive headache

Next thing i’m trending on Sunday, This Sandile mtshali guy drugged me and my friend.

Please Help me expose him”

The girl even claimed Shaka recorded a video where they where dancing naked on the Jacuzzi.
The who said that their is possibility that Shaka raped them that night also revealed that she has tried calling him and get ignored by the guy, he ignores her text and yet prying on her statuses.

She is pleading that everyone should do everything possible to expose him, she also revealed that he is married with kids.

A lot of Tweeps had their different opinion about the whole story someone said the girls possibly where dumb for getting themselves into such  messy incident.

“This shaka video is proof that it will always be the ladies who go through lengths by exposing their naked bodies but the guys are always FULLY dressed, we see these in music videos as well. in my opinion These girls are dumb”

Although Shaka hasn’t come publicly to debunk the claims even though the viral footage showed he was dancing with ladies.

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