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See the moment when a Ukrainian tv presenter, Marichka Padalko lost a tooth during the broadcast


Ukrainian Marichka Padalko held the prosthesis and continued speaking without pause until finishing her report.

An Ukrainian presenter suffered an uncomfortable mishap in the middle of transmission, when a false tooth fell out on camera, although she continued her speech without showing signs of discomfort.

“Honestly, I thought it was going to go unnoticed,” confessed Marichka Padalko , who shared the scene on her Instagram account. Initially, the channel had not shared images of the moment, but a blogger uploaded the video and soon went viral.

“I underestimated the level of attention of those who see us ,” added Padalko, with good humor and surprised by the number of messages of support she received.

As advice, he wrote: “In any situation, stay calm.” And that’s what he did, because when the prosthesis came off, he took it with his hand and continued speaking without pause until the closing of the report . Nor did she attempt to change her diction to avoid showing the gap that emerged between her teeth, clearly visible to the audience.

Padalko said it is possibly the most curious experience in her 20 years as a presenter. “Broadcasting live is wonderful because it is always unpredictable,” he said on his profile.

In addition, he explained how he originally lost the tooth. It was a domestic accident, when she was waking up and her daughter threw a heavy metal alarm clock at the exact moment she was yawning.

Later, he shared another smiling photo and thanked the amount of messages received, with a part of the text in English for the stir caused on the networks. ” Dear, I am overwhelmed with all the words of support that have been sent to me in recent days from all over the world by the incident of the ‘tooth’. I am very touched with your wonderful words and your kindness. I wish everyone can have the same understanding and appreciation at awkward moments , ”he wrote, in a post that in a matter of hours already had thousands of“ likes ”.

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