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Rioters set the Portland PD Police Association building on fire (Pictures/Videos)



There reports coming from a reliable source revealing that  rioters has set the Portland Police Association building on fire.

There’s a lot of this back and forth going on outside the federal courthouse building in Portland. Barricades get built, feds come out and clear it and go back inside. Repeat.

Portland’s protest is now officially declared a riot. Feds come out in force.

The reports also said that the Federal agents has deploy pepper spray and tear gas on rioters outside the federal courthouse in Portland.

The footage also shows Portland PD  bull rushing rioters on the street outside the PPA building and charge directly into the mob of rioters, arresting and grabbing stragglers. Remember rule 1: cardio.

Portland PD realized that if you get the ones with the megaphones they can get the rest to disperse. They’re basically commanders.

The police perform a targeted arrest on one of the Antifa megaphones. Not sure what else to call these guys.

Meanwhile, Police on early Tuesday morning declared a riot as demonstrators took to the streets near the Portland Police Association building.

At around 9:48 p.m. Monday, police tweeted that demonstrators were blocking the roadway in the 1800 block of North Lombard Street.

Multiple verbal warnings were given, telling the crowd to leave the street or be subject to arrest or force. Police made several arrests, and at least one was captured on the Portland police livestream.

According to police, other demonstrators interfered with an arrest and struggled with officers to free the person.

Just before 11 p.m., police tweeted about confusion in the crowd about an incident that occurred on Saturday near the Federal Courthouse where a protester was injured by a federal officer. Police said PPB officers were not involved in the incident.

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