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American Singer & Instrumentalist, Emitt Rhodes Dies At 70


American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Emitt Rhodes has passed away. Emitt Rhodes was reported to have died in his sleep on July 19, 2020. No issue was related to his cause of death. He died at the age of 70.

Rhodes began his career in musical ensembles The Palace Guard as the group’s drummer before joining The Merry-Go-Round as a multi-instrumentalist.

He was the mastermind of one greatest albums ever in my book and he recorded the whole thing by himself.

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Few Things You Need To Know About Emitt Rhodes

He is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer.

Rhodes recorded songs at A&M to fulfill that contract, but A&M decided to not release them at the time. Rhodes then decided to go out on his own and bought equipment to make a recording studio in his parents’ garage.

Rhodes recorded his first album (Emitt Rhodes) in that home studio. He got a recording contract with ABC/Dunhill Records, which released his album as well as the next two albums he recorded (Mirror and Farewell to Paradise). Rhodes got a $5,000 advance for Emitt Rhodes, which he spent on recording equipment.

His first album was a critical success – Billboard called Rhodes “one of the finest artists on the music scene today” and later called his first album one of the “best albums of the decade”. The album reached number 29 on the Billboard charts. The single “Fresh as a Daisy” reached number 54 on the pop chart. Rhodes opened at the Troubadour nightclub on February 9, 1971, concurrent with a large earthquake that struck the Los Angeles area.

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