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17-year-old Teen Boy, Joahan Torres Found Dead In Whittier



A 17-year-old teen boy identified as Joahan Torres was found hanging from a tree yesterday in Whittier. He was a player for California High School Lady Condors Soccer.

Read Full Story Below As Reported By Whittier 360

According to reports on Nextdoor and law enforcement agencies a body was found this morning hanging from a tree at Rose Hills near Gate 17.

The tree the body was hanging from was close enough to the street that everyone driving by saw it and were impacted by the sight.

Several witnesses who saw it while driving by the cemetary said they were very much traumatized by the sight.

The first mention of the incident on Nextdoor was 8 am this morning.
Update 1238 pm: We have one person who said they received a call just a few minutes ago, identifying the victim as a “very young”.

That could either a young adult or a teenager. We are keeping the person anonymous unless they want to come forward. The information comes from their post on Nextdoor. In her post the individual requested prayers for the family.

Update: 1247pm: The law enforcement agency that first responded to the seen has been identified as Whittier PD and the victim has been identified as a male.

UPDATE 456PM: We are still awaiting a response from Whittier PD, Rose Hills, and the City of Whittier.

UPDATE 843PM We have not heard back from law enforcement, Rose Hills, the County or the City. At this point it is unlikely that the city or county will respond before Monday.

Update Saturday 1101am: We just heard from a member of the family. They said he was 18 or 19. All of Whittier is praying for them. We heard that Pico Sheriff’s Department may have been involved and we will be contacting them shortly. The first reported sighting of the incident occurred at 6:14 am Friday morning.

UPDATE 224PM: Out of respect for the deceased we have requested that commentators avoid race and politics in this thread. There have already been a couple of violations of this. If it continues, commenting on this particular thread will be disabled for everyone. Warnings are being issued.

This is all that we have at this time. We are working to get more information on the incident. The next update will be this evening.



  1. Kelley

    July 20, 2020 at 1:57 am

    Was there a note left behind?

  2. HR

    July 21, 2020 at 7:07 am

    But made it a point how he died. Very classy. A holes

  3. SL

    July 23, 2020 at 1:24 am

    You butchered his name for one, and you also said he is on the women’s soccer team… you should really fact check before you post about someone who just passed away.

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