Popular American journalist, author, and news editor who was the Paris-based world news editor for The Daily Beast, Chris Dickey has passed away.  According to Thedailybeast, Chris Dickey died suddenly in Paris. He was aged 68. Christopher Dickey died of heart failure in Paris on July 16, 2020

Chris Dickey authored seven books, including Our Man in Charleston: Britain’s Secret Agent in the Civil War South (2015); Securing the City: Inside America’s Best Counterterror Force – the NYPD (2009), and a memoir, Summer of Deliverance (1998), about his father, the poet/novelist James Dickey. Chris Dickey was a longtime contributor at NBC.

Few Things You Need To Know About Christopher Dickey

After spending several years as an Editor and writer, Chris Dickey began his career as a foreign correspondent began as Mexico and Central America Bureau Chief for The Washington Post in 1980.

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Chris Dickey didn’t only shine out as an international journalist he as well authored seven books.

From 2010-13, after Newsweek was acquired by IAC, Dickey worked for both Newsweek and The Daily Beast as Paris bureau chief and Middle East editor, but stayed with The Daily Beast when Newsweek was sold a third time. In March 2014, he was named world news editor for The Daily Beast.

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He  was a longtime contributor at NBC who covered wars for decades.