Condom Manufacturing company Durex has recorded a decline in sales of condom, which according to them was as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to the CNBC on Thursday the CEO of Durex parent company Reckitt Benckiser, Laxman Narasimhan said the decline in sales of condoms in some countries has impacted their company negatively.

“The number of intimate occasions is down in a few countries because, if you think of it, the level of socialization is low, and so it has had an impact on Durex,” Narasimhan said.

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Narasimhan further stated that sales of the Durex overall have been affected negatively but they don’t expect that be to stick for a long period of time.

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“If you think of Durex and how it plays in the e-commerce space, it is absolutely set up for it,” he said. “We have operations in 53 countries. Durex had a big quarter online, and we continue to see great progress in that direction as people look for privacy as well in this area.” He said.