On the evening of July 16, CCTV 3•15 reported that some sea cucumbers in Jimo put dichlorvos into the breeding pond to remove other organisms that are not conducive to the growth of sea cucumbers during the breeding process, and also used antibiotics and other raw powders of veterinary drugs, and the breeding wastewater was directly discharged.

The sea causes environmental pollution. That night, the reporter was informed that the Jimo District Natural Resources Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, townships and other departments conducted joint law enforcement to investigate the problems that appeared in the report.

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In addition, the reporter learned from the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Jimo District that law enforcement officers have preserved the evidence of the store involved in the veterinary drug store that illegally sold antibiotics in the program, and then the store owner will be investigated in detail.
(The original title was “Response|The use of dichlorvos in sea cucumber farming, Jimo multi-sector joint law enforcement investigation”)

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