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Graphic Desinger, Remy Velarde Has Passed Away



Remy Velarde died tragically yesterday July 14 2020. Remy Velarde was killed in a car accident yesterday while visiting his brother Jade in Seattle.

Remy Velarde was a graphic Designer at ICT Tracker. He was a former Assistant Guys Director at LLYC. He went to Grand Canyon University.

Reacting to Remy’s death his friend Denise Snider wrote on Facebook “Working at a church for most of my adult life I am not a stranger to saying final goodbyes to loved ones. I would have never imagined I would say goodbye to one of “my student ministry kids” from my first years in ministry this early. Remy Velarde you will be deeply missed. You loved greatly and had an inspiring passion for God and every person you met. Your creative curiosity has shaped the way people see the world. You have left a legacy trail leading to Christ’s love. I hear God saying, “Well done good and faithful servant, well done!”

Jo King in a lengthy post penned down her tribute to Remy, Recalled the all good memories they shared together.

Jo wrote..

I am undone, heartbroken, and unable move or stop my tears. Remy Velarde, you were remarkable. I met Remy when we were 10 years old. We would sit between bookshelves in the library and make jokes together – we were both a little quirky as kids, but I fell for those beautiful eyes and that grin. I had such a crush on him. We would sit with each other on the bus rides back to school from cross country practice, both sweaty, but I was glad he chose the seat next to mine.

I never told him I had a crush on him, not until 11 years later in December of 2018 when we reconnected and he took me on a date. We spent so much time together that winter break…the little boy I knew had become a Godly, kind man. He was so driven, so confident, so compassionate, and so proud of his friends and younger brothers.

Some things never change, though. He was still his goofy self, so funny with such a hopeless romantic spirit. As I left to go back to Fayetteville that year, he handed me a handkerchief and said, “keep this so you can dry your tears when I’m far away from you.” We laughed, and I made a remark on his boldness. A few weeks later, I received a handwritten card in the mail. It was from Remy. Just to say hi – he was thoughtful like that.

Remy, I know you think I probably discarded this handkerchief and forgot about it. But let me assure you; I never did, I kept it close, and I thought about you – every single time. Can I take you up on the offer to use it to dry my eyes while you’re gone? Just for now, until we meet again. See you in heaven, dear friend.

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