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Friends Mourn Death Of Tierney Kaufman Hutchins Who Tragically Passed Away



Former society editor at Park Cities people Tierney Kaufman Hutchins has passed away. She was reported to have died tragically alongside her unborn child.  Tierney Kaufman Hutchinsher and her unborn daughter did not survive a ruptured artery from an aneurysm in the spleen.

Tributes Floods Facebook

Janie R Rush wrote..

In 2009 this beautiful young woman interviewed for a job opening at The Trinity Trust Foundation. We hired Tierney Kaufman Hutchins and thus began an 8 year work friendship that grew into an 11 year personal friendship. We shared hard work, a lot of laughter, many tears, losses and lovely new beginning when she married Jared Hutchins on October 24, 2015 and when she and Jared welcomed their baby girl Melrose on January 5, 2019.

On July 15, 2020 we lost this smart, funny, wonderful woman when, into her seventh month of pregnancy, she and her unborn daughter did not survive a ruptured artery from an aneurysm in the spleen. My heart aches for Jared, 19 month old Melrose, Tierney’s mother, her two brothers and her countless friends. Tierney added much to my life and to the world. TK, you will be missed more than I can ever express.

Jeff Herrington Wrote..

Gobsmacked by the news that Tierney Kaufman Hutchins and her unborn child died yesterday. One of the amazing Trinity Chicks ( The Trinity Trust), Tierney brought great verve and inexhaustible talent to all the projects they and Randall and I worked on to advance an awareness of the Trinity River and its new bridges from 2011-2015. Thank you, Tierney, for showing us your positive light and infectious laugh, short as that time may have been . God bless your husband and surviving daughter.

Krista Nightengale in a lengthy post wrote..

Thirteen years ago, I moved to Dallas and started my first job at a newspaper. It was a rough couple of years being 2007-2008 and the media industry. But they were also the best years. I met people who have forever defined Dallas for me.
One of those people? Tierney Kaufman Hutchins.

Just being in her presence made you feel like you were the most important, most interesting, and most beautiful person. She had a way of seeing through every situation, cutting it down to what it truly was, and explaining it to you with a dry wit. She was a connector who knew everybody and everything. She had an energy that few could aspire to.

David and I always joked that one day, we wanted to grow up to be Tierney. She was larger than life. So nothing has ever shocked me more than learning that she and her unborn child passed away yesterday.

I always tell others that Dallas is a great place because of its people, those who believe any change is possible and fight day and night to make it better. And while they may get bruised in those fights, they smile, curse under their breath, and keep going.
Tierney made Dallas a great, far more interesting, far more beautiful place. We have lost a great one.

Michael Davis wrote..

RIP Tierney Kaufman Hutchins Going back to 2006-2007, Tierney was literally one of the nicest and most genuine people that I’ve met in Dallas. She was a friend to many and will be remembered as one of the lights in this city. Prayers to her husband, daughter and their families.

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