Bernard Albertson Death – Man Who Suffered Illiteracy To A Writer Of Multiple Published Works

A Youtuber named Bernard Albertson who released a video named ‘An Old Mans Advice.’ several years ago that got millions of views on Youtube has passed away. Bernard Albertso was reported to have died few days ago from an undisclosed illness. His cause of death or what killed him was never made public. He died at the age of 82.

Bernard Albertson had a hard start homeless living in a old car on the streets of California. But through the power of the Lord he became saved and had a wonderful life. He lost his wife, daughter, mother, father, sister and son in law.

In his viral video “An Old Mans Advice”, Bernard Albertso talked about his life experiences. Bernard Albertso who authored many books talked about how he struggled with education to get to where he was.

Bernard Albertso Youtube Channel which had a thousand subscribers late June 2020 has skyrocketed to sixty seven subscribers this month July 2020.

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Watch Below Bernard Albertso Viral Video “An Old Man’s Advice” – The video now has millions of views on Youtube

Tributes Floods Twitter

Last year 2019 Bernard Albertso was in rehab to learn how to walk. He shared a post on his Facebook page and asked for a financial help for his medical treatment.

Here’s what he wrote on his Facebook page in 2019

I guess I need to share this I’ve had four surgeries I’ve been in the hospital bed for almost 3 months my money is gone my insurance is going the insurance company and the hospital want me out I’m still on a bit antibiotics they came to me today I told me that I was being moved into a permanent home and that my family could come see me once in awhile whenever they wanted but the chances were I would be going home again because my family and couldn’t take care of me. I need help I need money help I need friendship help my life’s work has been for God now I’m reaching out will you help me just go to my website and you can donate praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Bernard Albertso Copper Penny

Copper Penny is a book written by Bernard Albertso published in 2015. Copper Penny is an action packed romantic western that plays out in the American west in the eighteen sixties with chapters and language.

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