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Tik Tok star Minahil Malik threatens to kill herself after her viral nude pictures surfaced online (Pictures)



Pakistan Tik Tok star Minahil Malik commits suicide by taking overdose after her leaked pictures surfaced online.

The Tik Tok star Minahil Malik’s explicit video was uploaded on the internet and it many people by storm.

In the leaked video of Malika Cheema was filmed  playing with herself with some deep feelings. Meanwhile, She was filming herself by her second hand using her cell-phone camera.

It was alleged that she intended to recorded her private video for her boyfriend who later leaked it over the internet, That is indeed betrayal.

Few hours later she released a video in which she is seen crying in front of her fans. She posted a video where she addresses her fans and trollers by saying that she is taking antidepressants; because of the pain, she is in.

More than that, she also openly threatens to overdose herself for the trauma and torture she has gone through in the past few days.

Tweeps have already rumored that she have died after she uploaded the video of her taking an overdose.

Although we can’t confirm here if she actually killed herself or still alive until we confirm it Minahil Malik  is still alive, we are hopeful about that.


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