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Legendary Water Skier, Kreg Llewellyn Is Dead



World Champion water legend, Kreg Llewellyn has passed away. Kreg Llewellyn was reported to have died on July 7 2020 at his home of San Marcos River Ranch, Texas. Kreg Llewellyn died at the age of 52. His cause of death or what killed him is not yet known as at the time of filing this report.

His brother, Jeret Llewellyn first announced the death of Kreg in a lengthy post in his official Facebook page.

Jeret also revealed that his brother Kreg sustained a head injury a couple months ago.

Excerpts From His Statement..

“Our family is here is Texas to say goodbye to my big brother. Kreg passed 4 days ago on July 7.
Although we may never find all the answers, we know Kreg sustained a head injury a couple months ago, which seemed to result in a change in his demeanor.

Based both on the location and the severity of the injury, we believe Kreg lost his ability to effectively process certain aspects of life and cope with anxiety. Through his faith in Christ and his selfless personality, Kreg always wanted to help others and always took their pain upon his shoulders, which in his current state, magnified his struggles. Without a familiar coping mechanism, Kreg was caught in a mental haze. Even though Kreg was searching and fighting for answers, he always tried to protect his loved ones from having to share his burden. Kreg was the strongest person I have ever known and I will miss him every day.

Kreg was my hero and an inspiration to so many around the world. Anyone who had the privilege to know Kreg could see he had a huge heart, because he wore it on his sleeve. His faith in God has always been deep and in recent years he was sharing his faith to help others, who were looking for spiritual guidance.

Also confirming his death, Joe Zasada wrote

Water skiing lost one of it’s nicest, and brightest, stars this past week. Kreg Llewellyn was always a class act. I remember, back in 2006, when Geno brought me down to Florida to do photos at Chain Reaction I, I go to get in the boat, and there was Kreg, doing video for the webcast. One of the wakeboard judges, not knowing who we were, or our what our experience level was, was like “You two will need to follow directions, and once we get the balance set, you won’t be able to move around…” and so forth. Kreg was like “Oh, don’t worry, Joe and I can handle it!” and he gave me a wink. That was a busy, but fun, weekend, as Kreg and I were in the boat for both the wakeboard and hydrofoil events, whilst the rest of the boat crews changed out.

At the 2009 worlds in Calgary, I remember him and Jaret were calling the crashes in the men’s jump event as each skier was on their first cut out. That was a pretty crazy set of crashes.

I don’t know what it is about competitive water skiiing, but it really feels like an extended family to me. It was always a pleasure to see Kreg at events over the years, even though he lived on the other side of the continent.
Kreg will be missed, especially by his water skiing family  (Thanks to Tony Klarich for digging up the Skurfer magazine cover image. Kreg was indeed multi-talented!)

Few Things You Need To Know About Kreg Llewellyn

Kreg Llewellyn started his swimming career with his family Don, Chris and brother Jaret at the family cottage.

He was one of Canada’s most successful skiers of all time.

Kreg was known as an innovator that pushed the sport of waterskiing to new levels.

He was the first to perform SL5B,SL5F,SL7BB, RSLO, Doulble Mobius FF.

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