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The Iranian regime executed a man accused of being a CIA spy


Reza Asgari was a former employee of the Defense Ministry’s aerospace division. He was hanged after a sentence that found him guilty of giving the United States information about Iran’s missiles

Iran has executed a man found guilty of espionage in favor of the United States through the sale of information about the country’s missile program, a spokesman for the Persian judicial system, Gholamhossein Esmaili, said on Tuesday.

The sentence was carried out last week for Reza Asgari, who “was a retired employee of the Defense Ministry’s aerospace division, ” Esmaili said, quoted by the official portal Mizan Onlin .

According to the regime, Asgari had received significant sums of money from the United States intelligence services “after his retirement, selling them the information he had on our missiles . ”

“He was identified, tried and sentenced to death,” said Esmaili.

Iran plans to execute another citizen , Mahmud Mussavi Majd, accused of supplying information to the United States and Israel on the displacement of General Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in an attack carried out by Washington in early January in Baghdad. According to the spokesperson, the sentence has not yet been carried out but it is “one of the final rulings that must be applied.”

” The security of society and the country is our red line and those who want to jeopardize the security of citizens and the country must know that the judiciary will treat them with firmness and authority ,” Esmaili warned.

Last December, before Soleimani’s death, Tehran announced that it had arrested eight people “linked to the CIA” and to the anti-government protests that erupted in the country’s streets weeks before after an increase in the price of gasoline. .

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States have not had diplomatic relations since 1980. Tensions between the two enemy countries have increased markedly since Washington unilaterally denounced, in 2018, the international agreement on Iranian nuclear energy concluded in 2015 between Iran and the P5 group. +1 (China, United States, France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany).

Washington accuses Iran of trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and US President Donald Trump promised to do everything possible to prevent that from happening. Tehran, for its part, has always denied its intention to make a nuclear bomb.

(With information from AFP)

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