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Popular Korean BJ Park So Eun Commits Suicide Due To Malicious Comments



Popular Korean BJ Park So Eun has passed away. According to reports from sources Park So Eun tragically died last week. Park So Eun the famous broadcaster died of suicide last week. Her sister released ablated statement about her sudden demise. Her younger sister confirmed the shocking news on her channel.

Korean media house, OSEN were the first to report the news of Park So Eun’s death.

In a statement released by Park’s sister, she said Park So Eun was suffering from malicious comments. She further cautioned people from writing negative remarks about someone.

“Hello, this is So Eun’s dongsaeng (little sister). I didn’t know what to say at first. I only write this now because everything has finally been sorted out. My sister has left the world and became a shining star in the sky last week. I’m really sorry, I couldn’t inform this sad passing earlier to everyone.”

“My older sister was suffering from malicious comments. I hope you would think of my older sister and refrain from writing negative remarks from now on. My family is still suffering now.”

Park So Eun was famous as one of ulzzang BJs who frequently communicating with her fans through live broadcasts and her personal social media.

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