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Is WhatsApp Down In South Africa July 14 2020 | WhatsApp Finally Back Few Hours Going Down Worldwide



Some people this evening logged into their WhatsApp account to find out to their  greatest shock to realize that they could not log in or do anything as usual.

Initially the situation started with the conversations not appearing to load, but new messages would refuse to send within those chats.

Some previous WhatsApp outages have been followed by problems at Facebook and Instagram, presumably because they share infrastructure. But those services appeared to continue working as normal.

As the problem continued to grow worldwide it looks like the issue is no longer affecting WhatsApp users in South Africa but also their entire users worth of over 2 Billion users worldwide are also complaining of the same problem.

According to a tweet posted by Pranav Degwekar it revealed that the WhatsApp problem has been finally resolved.

Problem has been solved. Now Whatsapp is working properly.
Retweet if Whatsapp is working in your region. (WhatsAppDown)


Similar situatuion happened in the wake of this year around Jan 19, 2020

WhatsApp users in various countries including South Africa reported a partial outage in the service on Sunday afternoon.

Users found it impossible to upload photos and videos, or voice no

The Facebook-owned company did not immediately respond to the outage, which rapidly trended on Twitter under the tag #whatsappdown.

According to revealed that eports of the problem have come in from the United Kingdom and Europe, India, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

After what appeared to be an initial total outage on media files for at least one hour, some users started to report the intermittent ability to send photos.

The WhatsApp glitch appeared entirely unconnected with broader problems South Africans have recently had connecting to the global internet due to breaks in undersea fibre optic cables, with bad weather holding back repairs.

Previous outages on WhatsApp, in mid-2019, appeared to be associated with US cybersecurity firm Cloudflare.

That outage – which also affected media files – lasted some 9 hours, and also affected Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

The company also had sever trouble in March 2019, which caused its apps to be unavailable or troublesome for more than eight hours.

WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 5 billion times for Android devices.

@Sid_ChelseaFC Yeah!! Whatsapp not working☹️
2020-07-14 20:13:27

@cerysgibbins WhatsApp and Spotify down?!! Is this a Facebook error again? @EmmaBostian ??
2020-07-14 20:13:23

@trotttrott3 Is anyone else’s Whatsapp not working?
2020-07-14 20:13:21

@violentsgrace is whatsapp down or is my internet connection down? daily questions with amanda.
2020-07-14 20:13:17

@KildareMet Anybody else’s WhatsApp not working?
2020-07-14 20:13:10

@Deanobizzle123 Anyone else’s WhatsApp down?
2020-07-14 20:13:06

@tee_plo Is WhatsApp having problems?
2020-07-14 20:13:00

@FPLHawk09 Is WhatsApp down for anyone else?
2020-07-14 20:12:55

@ZeeCipher There’s a Whatsapp outage, so I’m having a Whatsapp outrage.
2020-07-14 20:12:49

@constanzahola Is @WhatsApp down? Not working in #Chile
2020-07-14 20:12:49

@KiserOna Whatsapp may be down but Rappi’s working.
2020-07-14 20:12:42

@la_chiara_gi Aaaaand Whatsapp’s not working already. Too many people celebrating the news!
2020-07-14 20:12:39

@cyparisus @TylerOB96 whatsapp is not working ☠️
2020-07-14 20:12:33

@WoahClara anyone else’s WhatsApp down???
2020-07-14 20:12:25

@yash_dev95 Why my WhatsApp is not working!? I need to confirm it to her.. Thana Tha Liya Maine. #WhatsApp
2020-07-14 20:12:22

@queeque17 So WhatsApp not working? Yes?
2020-07-14 20:12:18

@FinnAFC Anyone else’s WhatsApp down?
2020-07-14 20:12:16

@Bushiamood Does anyone else have issues with whatsapp web tonight ?
2020-07-14 20:12:05

@tima_bln why is whatsapp not working anymore
2020-07-14 20:11:51

@padnandos1 Anybody else’s WhatsApp not working? ?
2020-07-14 20:11:33

@x_Silli_x @stillgray not for me, on phone with my Mom in Germany, whatsapp is working
2020-07-14 20:11:31

@Aaronk28 Is WhatsApp down for anyone else?
2020-07-14 20:11:29

@CallumDash_ Anyone else’s WhatsApp down?
2020-07-14 20:11:28

@sisanda_aluta ningabi edgy kwi tweet yam pls. I’m serious. my messages aren’t going through on whatsapp and it just says “connecting”
2020-07-14 20:11:24

2020-07-14 20:11:22

@TheRarmy_ WhatsApp is down? I can’t connect to it.
2020-07-14 20:11:16

@Coded_ORE So I thought I had network issues.. WhatsApp is down.
2020-07-14 20:11:12

@varshieee_ Anybody Whatsapp not working rn?
2020-07-14 20:11:08

@orphanbIack my whatsapp is not working why
2020-07-14 20:11:06

@Madsoul_dc #WhatsApp Is having services outage @OutageAlert2020
2020-07-14 20:10:52

@BitchImGoldd My whatsapp alone not working?
2020-07-14 20:10:45

@shvvex anybody else whatsapp not working?
2020-07-14 20:10:26

@achimtae omg the one time i need to send an important text and whatsapp is down this is a sign i should not send it
2020-07-14 20:10:24

@Carmen40819888 why is my whatsapp not working
2020-07-14 20:10:24

@zx___6 why is my whatsapp not working pls
2020-07-14 20:10:23

@technoholic3 Whatsapp ia not working #whatsappdown
2020-07-14 20:10:17

@jamesash89 Anyone else having problems with WhatsApp?
2020-07-14 20:10:08

@ATHI_MFOBO Ag, Whatsapp has an outage. Why ulife enje ?????
2020-07-14 20:10:06

@shingvictor @whatsapp down server???
2020-07-14 20:10:02

@fxckedup_barbie Is anyone else’s what’s app down
2020-07-14 20:09:55

@_alexespinosa_ Can confirm, Whatsapp is down in both mobile and web versions.
2020-07-14 20:09:55

@ksjfIr is whatsapp down i need to text vaani and it just says connecting ?
2020-07-14 20:09:27

@jade_croghan Anyone else’s WhatsApp not working??
2020-07-14 20:09:26

@FreedomError404 #WhatsApp outrage being reported from multiple areas in #Pakistan. Issues being reported: Unable to send and receive messages and media. Unable to upload or load status.
2020-07-14 20:09:20

@Jess_RLC Is anyone else’s whatsapp not working?
2020-07-14 20:09:08

@FreedomError404 #WhatsApp outrage being reported in multiple areas in #Pakistan. Issues being reported: Unable to send and receive messages and media. Unable to upload or load status.
2020-07-14 20:08:58

@ItzRyangopi #whatsappdown #WhatsApp not working @WhatsApp Anyone facing issue reply
2020-07-14 20:08:40

@PhaxeNor Seems like @WhatsApp has issues now. @wa_status
2020-07-14 20:08:27

@seemz80 @WhatsApp is your server down ??
2020-07-14 20:07:54

@imranwtheblicky is anyone else’s whatsapp broken ?
2020-07-14 20:07:44

@michaelfow DNS vulnerability reported, WhatsApp goes down. Coincidence?? ???
2020-07-14 20:07:30

@Dadrilucky I now start to reuse WhatsApp and it’s not working that’s a sign
2020-07-14 20:07:27

@dj_wildon Whatsapp is down! I repeat Whatsapp is down!
2020-07-14 20:07:19

@ItssShuaib My WhatsApp is broken? Anyone else experiencing difficulties?
2020-07-14 20:06:57

@Ashleyf__ Why tf my WhatsApp not working?
2020-07-14 20:06:04


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