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North Carolina Actress, Miranda Jones Brief Biography & Death


Miranda Jones Death:

Real Name: Miranda Jones
Age: 39 years
Death place: Kinston, North Carolina
Death Date: February 12 1973
Cause Of Death: Brain Tumor

North Carolina’s popular actress died at the age of 39-years after battling brain tumor.

Miranda Jones took up a movie acting when she first showed up on the popular 1959 film “The Twilight Zone” and ever since that shot she took up movie roles.

Miranda Jones was born on April 14, 1934 in North Carolina, USA.

She was an actress who took her acting career to several levels, known for The Twilight Zone (1959), Have Gun – Will Travel (1957) and State Trooper (1956).

Before her death on February 12 1973 she was married to Robert Webber, both lived together in Kinston, North Carolina.

Few Thing You Need To Know About Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones Death -How did North Carolina’s Actress Miranda Jones Died, Cause Of Death Revealed
Doctor Miranda Jones was a blind telepath who specialized in the field of psychology. She wore a special sensor web which allowed her to perceive her environment. Jones’ blindness was a source of shame for her, so much so that she wore the protective visor in an effort to hide the fact. Among the crew of the USS Enterprise, only Doctor Leonard McCoy was privy to her disability, but said nothing in an effort to protect her privacy.

Although Human, Dr. Jones had never visited the planet Earth; she did however spend four years on Vulcan. While on Vulcan, she studied Vulcan mental discipline to turn her telepathic abilities “off” in order to maintain her sanity.

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