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How Louisville mum, Earon Harper was shot dead by two men and left her daughter injured



Earon Harper is a Louisville mother who was murdered by two men (Kenneth Williams) and (James Quisenberry) and left her her young daughter seriously wounded.

According to reports, the DNA test conducted on the deceased from the Kentucky State Police crime lab is now part of the Earon Harper murder case.

Investigators reported that the two dare devil men killed Harper and shot her then two-year-old daughter Erica Hughes back in May 2006. and later police arrested them with a charge for murder and assault.

The new DNA results put both men at the scene confirming what police already alleged. According to the report, Williams’ DNA matches a swab taken from a Big Red soda can from the floor of Harper’s bedroom. Quisenberry’s DNA matched samples taken from cigarette butts.

According to WAVE 3 reporter who talked to the attorneys representing both men and they tell us the DNA results have no impact on their case because both men have admitted to being at Harper’s home. However, the evidence would certainly prevent them from recanting.

We did ask Assistant Commonwealth Attorney John Heck, the prosecutor, about the DNA results. Because the case is pending, Heck said can’t comment.

Each of the suspects has said the other was the shooter. Another pre-trial hearing is scheduled for August.

Thi Is A Memorial Tribute From Earon Harpers Family:

“ARON MICHELLE HARPER 9/13/1964 – 5/18/2006 Sixteen months ago they took you from us, leaving a wound that has not healed But no more you’ll suffer, cry or sorrow nor break the smallest law at will. Erica talks about “her Honey” daily. How she’ll come down and take care of her.She kisses Honey’s picture often knowing Jesus now takes care of her. We’ll remember your birthday now without you, and we’ll continue on because we must.We know things will never be the same now,but just know you are in our hearts Happy Birthday Honey! We love you and miss you Mom, Dad, Ebony, Eric, Erica, Ebreona, Eysayiah, & Beverly”

Published in Courier-Journal on Sep. 13, 2007.

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