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Lil Loaded Dead, Death? Did Lil Loaded Die?



Multiple reports on social media has claimed that popular rapper, Lil Loaded is dead. The whole story circulating all over the internet that Lil Loaded has passed away is not true. Lil Loaded is alive and in good shape, though the Dallas rapper Lil Loaded was shot on July 1 2020 but he has fully recovered from the gun shots wounds he sustained.

Lil Loaded whose real name are Dashawn Robertson started rapping in November 2018. Lil was born on August 1, 2000 in Dallas, Texas.

Excerpts from Lil Loaded Interview with Complex

Where did the name Lil Loaded come from?
People called me Lil Loaded for the longest. I mean shit, I used to go to the basketball court with a pistol in my backpack. They always called me Lil Loaded. I used to go to football practice loaded, on God. They was like, “That nigga look high.” And James was like, “Nah, man, that’s Lil Loaded.” On God, that shit was funny. That shit killed me, on God. That’s what everybody called me.

There’s a theme in the comments on all your videos: Your fans want to see a Lil Loaded and NLE Choppa collab. Is that something you want to do? Have you talked with him?
Yeah, for sure. Me and Choppa are cool. That”s my dog. A lot of stuff is in store in the future.

You’ve already made music with different styles. There’s hard-hitting drill stuff like “6locc 6a6y.” But there’s also more melodic stuff like “Out My Body.” When you’re in the studio now, what types of songs are you trying to make?
When I go in the studio and work, I’m not going to let it come out if it’s a bad song. I’ll have the whole thing erased. When I play with styles, it’s just how the beat goes. I rap to the beat. I don’t have a style, I feel like. I just rap to the beat, and it always fits for me.

What’s your favorite kind of song to make?
I don’t have a favorite type. I just love making music. The beat really sets the mood for me. Once I hear the beat, it just comes. I freestyle everything, too.

What’s the energy like in the studio when you’re making songs? Is there a party atmosphere or are you more serious and focused?
It’s in the middle with me. I be in the studio smoking and stuff, and then when they play a beat for me, I might just freestyle to it. And then I smoke and go in the booth and freestyle it

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