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Twitch Streamer, Ohlana Has Passed Away



Popular twitch streamer La Na popularly known as Ohlana has reportedly passed away. Ohlana died yesterday July 7 2020. A Facebook user claimed that Ohlana passed away from mental health abuse and took her life.

Adam Mathew Castillo who shared the news wrote..

“Just found out a friend that i went to high school with passed away from mental health abuse and took her life today.. Well known twitch streamer and influencer as well.. Rest In Paradise La Na aka OHLANA.

Mental health has been something ive been spreading awareness and stressing for some time now and this is why. How many lives will it take, and I know it’s something that will take a long time to end but atleast we can do our best to minimize these outcomes if we were just kinder to each other.

This is hard to take in, even though we werent close, she was someone ive met in my life and know many friends who know her well til this day. My heart and prayers goes out to her family during this difficult time.”

Twitch Streamer, KireiAutumn also wrote

“I just learned that a friend of mine, and fellow streamer OhLana passed away today. God there’s so much I want to say.
First off, fuck depression but fuck the people who hide behind their computers and the anonymity of the internet that participates in creating a toxic cesspool.

Lana was being harassed, cyberbullied, had hate groups dedicated to her. How far did you have to go to fuel your jealousy into a monstrosity of hate that broke her? Why? What the fuck was your intention? Just because she made a lot of money? Because she was pretty? What the fuck is wrong with you.

All of these people think that because a celebrity/influencer/streamer has “money and fame” that it protects them from all the hate they get…but the reality is – THEY’RE STILL FUCKING HUMAN. No amount of money or fame in the world is going to protect you from the constant bombardment of hatred and toxicity – it eventually wears you down until you’re a shell of yourself. I know, because speaking from personal experience – my depression was driven harder down when I was experiencing the same level of harassment just because I was pursuing something I LOVED to do.

Ugh I can’t even collect my thoughts right now. Her passing is killing me, I know that I couldn’t have done more but I wish I could have done something.

I know that I am constantly reminding you all that my discord/messages are open and I mean it. I know that when you’re in a bad place, the last thing you want to do is reach out to someone and “burden” us with your problems. But I want you to know that to me, you are never a fucking burden. You are my community, you grew up with me and you are important to me. I won’t be able to help you if you don’t reach out, so please, even if it’s someone else that you’re closer with – talk to them.

I know that some of you may feel the need to reach out to me regarding my own emotions – I am okay though. I have a good support group around me and I’ll be okay. I encourage you to send those messages to those around you, to your friends or to others in the community. But if you need to talk, if you need someone to hear you out, my inbox is open for you.

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