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Her Cleavage Looks, Photo of Princess Iis Dahlia’s Sexy Section is the Spotlight!



INDONESIA – The name of dangdut singer Iis Dahlia is always widely discussed. Whatever he does is always in the spotlight. Iis now has two children from different marriages, her first child named Salshadilla Juwita and her second child, Devano Danendra. Although the two children have different fathers, both of them seem to get along well. Even Salsha looked very dean with his continued father, Satrio Dewandoro.

Now Salshadilla has grown up, even now she is a beautiful and charming teenage woman. Salsha recently showed her beautiful face again on her Instagram. In the photo, Salsha appeared to have a photo shoot with very good photos. Even Salsha looked beautiful in her makeup and pink dress with a center part on her chest.



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Dress @manequeenshop Belt @mandjha.ivangunawan Hairdo @reyzacarlos For audition @kdiofficial #KDI#MncTv#2020

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“Whats the secret behind good eyebrow you ask? Lots of water and good genes …, “wrote Salshadilla.

The upload of the ex-lover Ridho 2R was immediately flooded with comments from citizens to fans. Many of them praised the appearance and beauty of Iis Dahlia’s child. There is also a wrong focus with sexiness.

“How beautiful is this kid?” Writes Iis Dahlia.

“Sis Salsha is very beautiful,” commented the citizen.

“Sexy is also Sal,” said another.

“Wow sis, Salsha is very beautiful,” said another,

“Beautiful and sexy, ah wrong focus,” said another.

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