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Did ISIS threaten to attack South Africa? – Few Things You Need To Know



Notable terrorist group ISIS has threaten to rage war against South Africa if they eventually tries to involve themselves into recruiting their military to fight the terrorists alongside soldiers from Mozambique and other members of the North-east African community.

According to, The insurgents have also taunted the government, saying that an orchestrated terror campaign would bring the country to its knees in a financial sense.

The online media outlet also revealed that the Minister of Defence Kobus Marais has called for SANDF to address these threats head-on, and the DA member has asked for soldiers to be redeployed from the streets of South Africa to the troubled Cabo Delgado region.

the Shadow Minister of Defence, issued a statement on the rising tensions earlier on Tuesday.

He said….

“In its latest newsletter, ISIS – in the form of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah or Al Shabaab – warns South Africa to ‘not get involved’ in the current conflict in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province. We cannot afford to ignore this threat from Islamic State or take its warning lightly, and SANDF must join to fight against terror.”

“It’s time the Defence Minister [Mapisa-Nqakula] reprioritises SANDF troops deployed on South African streets to rather act on its normal mandate, and safeguard South African borders to regain regional stability. The duel threat of ISIS and COVID-19 continues to plague the country, but we must support Mozambique.”

By Kobus Marais

This Tweets From Ryan Cummings Have something to unravel on the ISIS threats..


How Did It All Started?

An organisation linked to ISIS, Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah, has been waging a violent insurgency in Mozambique’s northernmost province, Cabo Delgado.

It started in 2017, but the violence has escalated in recent months. They want to establish an extremist form of Islamic law in the province, even though their motives have been questioned by some as more compelled by greed.

In its newsletter, which is published in Arabic, ISIS reportedly wrote that European and American states are trying to convince South Africa to lead the war in Mozambique.

South Africa, though, has enough of its own problems and war will put it in a great financial and military predicament. It states further that South Africa’s military involvement might prompt ISIS soldiers to start fighting within its borders.

On Tuesday, DA MP Kobus Marais called on the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, to urgently engage her counterparts in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regarding the increasing ISIS threat.

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